Buttercups Team

Our Early Years Educators are some of the most experienced and well trained.

At Buttercups our staff are part of a multidisciplinary team aiming to provide a stimulating environment that encourages your child's natural curiosity to observe, experience, socialise and learn. The creation of a happy, stimulating and safe environment is brought about by our committed staff, who share an absolute love of children.

Our staff are approachable and responsive. They will always take time to tell you what has happened during the day and pass on anecdotes. Every day your child will have made something new to show you, share with you and talk about, whether it be a cake or a piece of writing or a particularly colourful painting that you'd rather not recognise as yourself!

We encourage your involvement at all times and hold parents' events and consultations. You will be invited to come in and support your child at various events over the course of the year.

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It is Buttercup’s policy that all our staff are trained to receive a minimum of NVQ Level 2 or equivalent. Our management team boast Degrees, higher level NVQ, NNEB, Montessori, High Scope and teacher status qualifications.

We believe that safety and monitoring are of paramount importance in the ongoing progression of our nurseries. As such, we have devised procedures to ensure that your child’s wellbeing is constantly reviewed. To ensure this our staff take part in a full internal and external training programme, keeping everyone up to date with the latest educational developments, whilst allowing us to appraise our methods, exchange opinions and develop a wealth of ideas.

Child Protection

It is Buttercup’s responsibility to ensure that

  • The welfare of the children is our first priority
  • Each and every child is protected from abuse, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, racial origin, language or religious belief
  • Monitoring with care and attention, by our committed staff, provides a safe, secure and happy environment

All staff are required to have an enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check prior to being left alone with any child. Buttercups nurseries have a named member of staff responsible for Child Protection within each nursery setting. Buttercups will respond appropriately to any allegations or suspicions of abuse; it will be treated and dealt with in a prompt and sensitive way, following our Child Protection Policy.

Our staff are trained in paediatric first aid to ensure the safety of your child.

Throughout the nursery our child-to-adult ratios are maintained according to Ofsted requirements.