A day at nursery

For children a day at Buttercups is all about fun and play, punctuated only by moments for eating and resting. You, however, will know that each experience is part of an educational programme, carefully designed for your child. So whether they are listening to a story, or out in the fresh air hunting for worms, everything is designed to give your child the best headstart possible.

This is our philosophy of "learning through play the Buttercups way".


Each day activities are planned so that children gain meaningful experiences either directly or indirectly through the use of resources, each other and staff, combining the EYFS curriculum, Montessori and High Scope principles.

Activities include art and craft, dancing, singing and listening to stories, learning to read and write, cooking, drama, science, the 'Homecorner' and role play. We also have dedicated computer and library areas in all our settings. The babies are often seen having fun with messy play including spaghetti play and jelly play. They equally love stories, songs and mark making using big pencils and crayons. Even nappy changing, potty training or toilet time are opportunities for singing, talking, counting and more; the learning opportunities are endless and not to be missed! There are of course many others including those the children create for themselves and staff!

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Buttercups follows the Government’s statutory framework of The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This framework informs staff about children’s developmental stages and breaks them down into focal areas. Appropriate activities, resources and staff interaction with the children enhance their learning potential and also identify any specific areas of a child's development that may need further attention.

Montessori and High Scope

Buttercups staff are also trained in both Montessori and High Scope Methods, and these are used alongside the core EYFS curriculum.

Montessori materials and exercises to encourage independence. The children learn to serve themselves lunch and drinks, and gain a sense of responsibility. The children’s personal hygiene is encouraged and developed not only by the children washing their hands, and cleaning their teeth but also learning the reasons why they are necessary.

High Scope follows a 'plan, do, review' format.

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