Mayor's Visit to Buttercups Teddington

Buttercups Teddington received a special visit on 20 March 2018 from Her Worshipful the Mayor of Richmond upon Thames, Councillor Lisa Blakemore. The children were thrilled that the Mayor accepted their invitation and even more thrilled when she came dressed in full ceremonial robes.

The mayor with all the children

The Richmond Mayor informational booklet

The busy Mayor sat with the nursery children for half an hour and told them all about her role and responsibilities. She brought along her trusty helper Millicent the Mayor bear and an information leaflet about being a Mayor written by her grandchildren.

Following this the children had some good questions for her, one girl asked, "Why are you wearing that hat, are you a pirate?" The Mayor explained that she wasn't actually a pirate, "This is my traditional Mayor gown which I have to wear to special events. It has frilly cuffs and was designed in France, hundreds of years ago."

Another child asked her what the long pointy stick was for and the Mayor told them, "This is called a Mace. Many years ago, one of the many jobs a Mayor had to do was go around to people and collect money from them (taxes). There were some naughty people who tried to steal the money from the mayor so their security guard would use the mace to bop the baddies on the head so they couldn't steal the money."

The visit was part of Buttercups Teddington's Mystery Guest of the Month programme, where grown-ups come into the nursery to tell the children more about their jobs. It is one of the many activities that help to make it an Ofsted Outstanding nursery.

The mayor reading a nursery story

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