Settling in at Buttercups

At Buttercups we understand that both you and your child may have varied reactions to starting nursery for the first time, and we want to make the whole experience a happy and memorable one for you all.

We have a settling in procedure, incorporating a number of visits to your chosen nursery to ensure that your child feels comfortable in their new surroundings and you feel happy knowing that your child is in a secure, caring environment. You will be allocated a key-worker to oversee this transition for your child and you.

Our staff are approachable and responsive. They will always take time to tell you what has happened during the day and pass on anecdotes. Every day your child will have made something new to show you, share with you and talk about, whether it be a cake or a piece of writing or a particularly colourful painting that you'd rather not recognise as yourself!

Key-worker System

In our nurseries we operate a key-worker system. Whilst all staff work with each child to ensure continuity of care when a member of staff may be absent, the key-worker will assume overall responsibility for a group of children. The key-worker is responsible for keeping the development profiles of their key-children up-to-date. The key-worker is also responsible for settling in their key-child and parent into the nursery.

Regular Reviews

We encourage your involvement at all times and as part of your child's development we hold consultation evenings, where you will be able to discuss your child's progress with their key-worker.

You will be invited to come in and support your child at various events over the course of the year. In addition to this, parents are always welcome to arrange a mutually convenient times to discuss any matters regarding their child’s welfare.