Forest School at Buttercups

What is Forest School?

Forest School is all about enjoying learning in the great outdoors. With this revolutionary Scandinavian approach children spend the whole day outside surrounded by bushes, shrubs and trees. Here, normal activities like eating and playing become incredible adventures. Even boring midday naps become exciting camping experiences.

Forest School runs every day at Chalfont Park, Chiswick Lane and Syon Park and weekly at Chiswick. 


Less structured, child-centred environment, giving children greater freedom to explore;

Physical development – climbing, balancing and crawling through bushes encourages better development of gross and fine motor skills creating a more balanced and fitter child;

Active learning builds inquisitiveness and curiosity about the world around them;

Managed risk – children make their own decisions helping to produce more confident individuals;

A respect for the natural world and a future supporter of conservation;

Plenty of fresh air!

Qualified Forest School Leaders

Our team of Qualified Forest School Leaders take the children on a voyage of discovery. Hands-on activities such as den building, digging and baking in the mud kitchen help children develop confidence and social skills. Forest School Leaders introduce the children to the plants, wildlife and mini-beasts around them, developing inquisitiveness and appreciation for the natural world.

Safe and Secure

Unlike many other Forest Schools, ours are located within our nursery grounds. The boundaries are hidden by bushes and foliage, keeping the children safe whilst providing natural dens for them to explore. Our leaders are trained in first aid, have an enhanced DBS check and follow our Child Protection policy.

- If a child can communicate and live well with others, the social problems he may come across will be surmounted.

- If a child has a strong character he will be able to make a positive contribution to society.

Children are given the freedom to develop according to their own unique timetable and as a result they are able to reach each developmental milestone as and when they are ready. Actively engaged in their own development in this way they grow into confident, socially aware, empathetic adults who are contributing members of society.

Photo credit: Thanks to Thorpe House School for the extension to Forest School sessions for Buttercups Chalfont Park