Clubs at Buttercups

The children at Buttercups enjoy a huge range of activities every day, and these are further enhanced by our specialist clubs.

From Cooking to Gardening or Drama to Spanish, the children get to experience a whole host of new experiences. Some of these are provided by our super-talented in-house staff whilst others are provided by specialists who visit the nurseries. There may be a small additional charge for some clubs.

The clubs on offer vary from nursery to nursery (please see the individual nursery pages for what is on offer) but below is a taste of some of the activities available:

Active Clubs

At Buttercups we teach children the importance of incorporating sports and exercise into daily lives, encouraging them to stay fit and healthy.

Physical Literacy clubs teach children a variety of movements developing different muscle groups, whilst our Sports clubs teach them the skills they need to enjoy particular sports such as tennis, hockey and football. And we make sure that the activities we do are lots of fun!

Music and Drama

Some of our nurseries have visits from specialist music providers, such as Shakers Kids, who lead the children in song and dance. Other nurseries have their own in-house experts who can get the children creating music and expressing themselves. A few of our nurseries offer a Drama club which further develops self-expression and confidence.

Cookery and Gardening

A number of our clubs give children experience of activities such as cooking or gardening.

In cookery the children make a range of healthy recipes, gaining counting and measuring skills as well as learning all about the ingredients used. Throughout the classes the children are taught the importance of healthy eating.

In our gardening clubs the children get to plant, care for and harvest fruit and vegetables.

Readiness for School

Buttercups children get to experience subjects that they will later come across in school such as Science or Computing and Languages such as French, Italian and Spanish. As well as introducing them to new experiences, through these clubs we aim to instill a life-long love of learning.

Magic Train

We've invested in Little Magic Train resource packs for our nurseries to enable them to take the children on amazing adventures.

Each session the children are transported to a different location, such as the deepest jungle or under the sea, accompanied by specific music to help their imagination. Along with the practitioner, the children take an active part in the story, playing football with aliens on the moon or having tea with the Queen.

Children  become more imaginative and creative whilst learning about the world around them.

Photo Credits: Above thanks to Shakers Kids for providing music and movement fun.