About Us


Established since 1980, we are a group of independent, boutique nurseries that are individually and personally managed.

Carol Whitehouse, the Owner and Managing Director, believes in 'learning through play the Buttercups way.' She started her first nursery in 1980 in her own residence aiming to provide quality education for local children, including her own. Since then, Buttercups has expanded, taken on a dedicated team of staff and helped to educate hundreds of children across the West London area and Chalfont Park.

Carol holds the Department for Education's Nursery and Infant Teacher qualification and a Montessori diploma. She has also undertaken High Scope training and has used this knowledge to encompass these principles into the children’s day to day education.

Carol and the team at Buttercups hope that you will enjoy discovering about us through this website and by visiting one of the nurseries.

Our Mission Statement

We are a group of childcare nurseries where: 

▶ We believe that every child is an individual with a wealth of potential;

▶ We consistently work towards achieving an “Outstanding” grading from Ofsted inspections;

▶ We train our team in appropriate skills, aiming to exceed the Ofsted requirements for skill levels;

▶ Parents return to use our service for their child’s new siblings and recommend us to their friends;

▶ We foster parent partnerships through daily feedback on their child's day, parents evenings and events, whilst providing and encouraging opportunities for parents to become involved in their child’s day;

▶ We are well resourced, enabling our team to deliver the high level of service parents expect;

▶ We respect and acknowledge the efforts, achievements and qualifications of our team members;

▶ Our buildings and grounds are well maintained to provide a safe and healthy environment for children.